We operate our own processing plants equipped with the highest quality of fruits and vegetables processing equipment and the latest freezing methods that guarantee that the product stays fresh until its consumption. Our factory is equipped with over 8,000 metric tons of cold store capacity, 4 BLAST freezing tunnels, and IQF Freezing Tunnel capabilities. We have a professional team of 160 workers and employees. 

Our factory produces an average of 70 tons/day of fruits and vegetables of premium quality. We have a metal detector and each carton passes through it to guarantee zero presence of any foreign bodies with the products. Also, we apply all the required analysis (Microbiology analysis – Pesticides – Heavy Metals). We have a professional team of 160 workers and employees working around the clock to guarantee that the highest standards of quality are always met. Therefore, we can genuinely guarantee exceptional quality from the seed to your plate.

We have two separate lines for fruits and vegetables; and two further separate lines for vegetables alone.


Some of the fruits we process throughout the year include Strawberries and Mangoes. In order to ensure the best quality of the fruits, they go through a specific process from the moment of arrival to the factory till the packing of the fruits:

  • Unloading the goods from loading dock: the raw material is weighed, transported to the working area and processing lines to begin processing.
  • Quality control and washing: The fruits are handpicked to guarantee that only premium grade products are processed. Then, the fruits are washed in an automatic washing machine.
  • Freezing: After the product is washed and dried, they are frozen (IQF or BLAST Freezing, depending on product). After the freezing process, the fruits are processed (if required) according to the product specifications and then packed according to customer requirements.
  • Storing: the final product is then facilitated to our cold stores chambers to preserve the temperature of the product and to ensure that preserving its quality.



There are two categories of vegetables that we process and manufacture here at Verde. The first category includes leaf-based products such as Spinach and Molokhia. The second category is seeded products including Green Beans, Peas, Artichokes, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Okra. The processing procedure is done as follows:

  • Unloading the goods from the loading dock: Goods are weighed, unloaded and brought to processing area.
  • Removal of foreign elements: product is inspected well by trained staff and any foreign bodies are removed in order to guarantee quality of the final product and safety of the equipment.
  • Manual Inspection & Quality Control: Groups of highly trained staff members manually inspect the product to eliminate any product that is not up to standards.
  • Washing: The product is then located into a washing machine to remove the dirt and any further foreign bodies.
  • Blanching: product is blanched at the optimal temperature using water and steam.
  • Cooling and washing: product is located at a cooling tank where the temperature is brought down and product is washed simultaneously.
  • Drying: After cooling, product is located into a conveyer belt where it is dewatered and dried and then fed into the grinder.
  • Mincing & Homogenizing: Here, the final product is minced and homogenized (if required) according to required customer specifications.
  • Packaging: After the previous step, the final product is packed into plastic bags as per the customer specifications.
  • Freezing & Storing: After packing, the product is frozen at -40 degrees and stored in our cold store chambers to preserve both temperature and quality.