Verde is the result of the merge between Gannet AlReda and Ismailia Foods. Gannet Al Reda has managed and owned over 5,000 acres of land for years, has been exporting its products to Europe and the Middle East and is the main supplier for Farm Frites, Savola group, Danone and Olam.

 Ismailia Foods are specialized in the processing of fruits and vegetables. The company's products have been exported throughout the Middle East and European countries including Germany. The company also provides private labeling for customers who export their products globally.

Today, Verde specializes in planting, harvesting, processing, freezing, packing and exporting a wide range of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables while preserving and enhancing their original quality. We guarantee the quality of each and every product we offer. Throughout the years we have established a formidable reputation that is reflective of our quality and hard work. Our unrivalled passion for quality and customer satisfaction is the reason why we are and where we are today.

Verde was founded as a customer-driven enterprise, and so it remains. The company was built on simple values including purity, dedication and commitment. We are a company committed to the care of the environment surrounding us. We strive for excellence and accept nothing less. Simultaneously, we work hard to serve the interests of customers, consumers, farmers and our employees alike – each and every one of them is an integral part of our existence.