What is the source of Verde's Fruits and Vegetables?

Verde's fruits and vegetables are planted at our own farms that are supported with the most modern machinery. All fruits and vegetables are planted in soils that are free from any disease. With the great efforts of our professional agronomists, we guarantee high quality harvests.


How does Verde guarantee the quality of the fruits and vegetables from the harvest till their arrival to the customer?

From when they are merely seeds, Verde closely controls the growth and development of every plant. Upon harvest, the products are precooled on site and transported to the factory in refrigerated trucks to keep the products fresh.


The vast capacity of our cold stores (8,000 metric tons) and the up to date refrigeration systems at Verde guarantees preserving the quality and nutritional values of the products.

How are the fruits and vegetables processed at Verde?

The vegetables are washed, peeled and purified from any foreign bodies. The vegetables are then blanched to maintain the vitamins, reduce the action of enzymes and to regulate their microbiology while preserving their natural color and taste. The vegetables are then cooled and frozen individually to maintain their natural fresh texture.


Do you add any preservatives or additives to the Fruits and Vegetables at Verde?

We don’t add any preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors to any of our products. We preserve the freshness of the product by keeping the time between the harvest and freezing ultra short. All thanks to the integration of the farm and factory that enables Verde to be very efficient in controlling the product from harvest to freezing.


How can I make the best use of Verde product?

Its highly recommended to keep Verde products at -18 degrees. You should not refreeze it after thawing as this will reduce the quality of the product and its texture as well.